holiday memories: Struffoli!

strufoli! Originally uploaded by dcaCRL

I couldn’t resist the “Tastes of Italia” Christmas issue this year, which contained a recipe for this festive treat, Struffoli. A traditional Christmas Eve dessert, we served it for our interfaith Italian-Jewish “Chrismukkah” brunch — a perfect latke complement as strufoli is also fried in oil.


Tastes of Italia doesn’t have their recipes online, but this is the same basic recipe. The dough is a simple mix of flour, salt and eggs, and then you roll it into ropes, cut into small pieces and fry. After frying, the dough balls are tossed in warm honey and then garnished. I used colored sprinkles and candied cherries for a colorful presentation. This will definitely be a regular on our holiday menu!

(In searching for a similar recipe, I came across Mario Batali’s much more elaborate version, which contains limoncello. May have to give it a try.)

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