Earth Week: Fast Food Faves

Rather than the usual doom-and-gloom Earth Day posts, I thought I’d highlight a few of my favorite earth-friendly companies and products this week. Sure, fast food is rarely a smart choice, but as busy parents, it’s virtually impossible not to give in to the lure of a quick and sure-to-please meal. Two of my favorite healthier fast food picks are Chipotle and Chicken Out.

I love that Chipotle:

  • Serves only naturally-raised pork, and is investing heavily in bringing local pork producers on board;
  • Serves as many organic beans as it can find (30% currently);
  • Buys rBGH-free sour cream;
  • Is steadily increasing its sourcing of naturally-raised chicken and beef;
  • At many locations, recycles beverage bottles;
  • Makes quesadillas for kids (an off-the-menu secret) and salads for the parents that give you the taste of a burrito with out quite as many calories.

And at Chicken Out (a local chain, similar to Boston Market):

  • Serves all-natural, free-farmed local chicken;
  • Sides include kid-friendly faves like chunky applesauce, sweet potatoes, and sesame-ginger green beans.

2 Responses to “Earth Week: Fast Food Faves”

  1. MamaBird

    We love both of those places! They have decent packaging at Chipolte, too, just foil and paper so you’re not junking up the landfill. Chicken Out could work on that! But their chicken pot pies are pretty delightful….

  2. foodietots

    @MamaBird – Yes, Chicken Out could do much more, but unfortunately the bar is set pretty low for fast-food… Their pot pie is my go-to sick meal for myself. Mmm.