Simple Summer Treats: Fro-Yo on a Stick

Much has been written lately about gourmet, fanciful and decidedly adult popsicles, but this simple version is suitable for toddlers on up.

I bought these little swizzle stick molds at Target, as they are just the right serving size for a toddler. You can of course use regular popsicle molds for bigger kids.

Recipe: Berry Yogurt Pops


  • 1 c. yogurt (Pequea Valley Farm, PA, 132 mi.)
  • 1/2 c. fresh berries (cherries here, Toigo Orchards, PA, 114 mi.)
  • 1 t honey
  • 1/2 t vanilla

Instructions: Blend ingredients and pour into popsicle molds. Freeze for several hours, take outside and enjoy!

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4 Responses to “Simple Summer Treats: Fro-Yo on a Stick”

  1. Erin

    Great Popsicles! Just wait until next week… I’ll have something for the grown-ups :) I’m actually freaking out about how I’m going to photograph Popsicles without them just melting all over my house. Hopefully inspiration will strike. I love that you urge people to “take outside and enjoy” — so true.

  2. MamaBird/SurelyYouNest

    Yumm! I have been wanting to make fro-yo pops! Love that you have your food miles iterated. And the super blond boy!

  3. foodietots

    @ Erin – I can’t wait for your popsicle week! Some action shots of dripping popsicles would be neat … if messy. :)

    @ MamaBird – I may be biased, but he was just too cute with his popsicle not to post the gratuitous toddler pics.

  4. Nazarina Andrychow

    Summer is the season for making all kinds of fruit desserts! Ditto! on obtaining all kinds of molds at Target( I got the stars and the little fruit molds there for just a buck and made raspberry and blueberry sorbet frozen treats for my floats July4th weekend.
    I love your molds and your variation on the frozen pop recipe and the the little person aint too bad himself either!

    Thanks for joining me on Twitter!