One Local Summer, wk4: Spring Herb Chicken

This week’s OLS dinner was spring herb and yogurt marinated chicken, served with a swiss chard and maitake mushroom saute and a little non-local brown rice (leftover from another meal). Mushrooms, chicken and yogurt came from Pa. (slightly past the 100 mi. border), while the herbs (savory and chives) and chard came from our CSA, Potomac Vegetable Farms in Va. (23 mi.).

For dessert, Virginia ricotta and honey and sweet Pennsylvania cherries. Yum.

Ricotta from Blue Ridge Dairy, Va. (45 mi.)

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2 Responses to “One Local Summer, wk4: Spring Herb Chicken”

  1. Tiffany

    Your dessert looks delicious! How is Blue Ridge Dairy’s riccota? I’ve enjoyed their other cheeses, but have yet to try the riccota.

  2. foodietots

    @ Tiffany – Thanks! Their ricotta is pretty good. It’s actually made from skim milk, so healthier but less appropriate for dessert. I prefer the much richer ricotta from Keswick, but have to go to Dupont for that.