Upper King Street Market – Opening Day

First look: D&S Farms (Southern Md.), peaches, tomatoes, berries and jams; Bigg Riggs (WV), Loring peaches, apples, tomatoes, squash, jams etc.; Greenstone Fields (VA), tomatoes and fresh flowers. Random table with some melons and greens. Plenty of seating for devouring a peach or two before the walk home.

2 Responses to “Upper King Street Market – Opening Day”

  1. JeanAnnVK

    Thanks for checking out the banana blog…I love the idea of freezing them and using them in smoothies…cause all I was thinkin’ of was banana bread, banana cake, banana shakes…:)

  2. Tiffany

    I like this new market, even though it’s small. The convenience of hopping off the train after work to buy dinner is fantastic.