Elections That Matter

My favorite local coffee shop, Buzz, has delved into campaign politics with a spirited competition between elephant ears and donkey tails. Now, I’m happy to see elephant ears have made their way to the East Coast (although these are actually palmiers, not authentic elephant ears), but it’s fair to assume given our neighborhood that they’ll be taking second place come Election Day.

In more serious matters, Buzz is holding steady in first place (popular vote) in the Washington Post’s cupcake wars. Now, the reviewer gave Buzz mediocre ratings, and I am seriously questioning his judgment. That “funky” taste in the red velvet cupcake’s frosting? Cream cheese. As opposed to the sugar overloaded frostings of so many other, lesser pastry chefs. Buzz’s mini cupcakes were a hit at the toddler’s birthday parties and are our family’s preferred pastries. So, please, support Josh Short and vote early and often!

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2 Responses to “Elections That Matter”

  1. Jill

    I voted! So do I get a “Kiss Me, I Voted” sticker?

  2. mybabyblog

    WOW, I just found your blog today from twittermoms. I love it, that much I could eat it. I also love cupcakes, that’s it this site makes me far too hungry.