Treats: Gingerbread Caboose

On the seventh day of Christmas…

… the world’s tastiest gingerbread cookies, though not entirely structurally sound (made them too thick, nice and cakey, but a little too crumbly for the toddler).

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3 Responses to “Treats: Gingerbread Caboose”

  1. Jill

    Did O help you decorate?

  2. Lynn from

    Love marking all the days of Christmas! We celebrate Christmastide too – looking forward to Epiphany. LaMarguerite is sending me a recipe for a 3 Kings Cake – I may try it instead of buying this year!

  3. foodietots

    @ Jill – How’d you guess? That random icing stripe is actually gluing the piece back on, because he has a phobia of broken cookies. (It makes for a lot of anxiety…)

    @ Lynn – Thanks, I’ve yet to get around to making a Kings cake myself. There’s always next year. Happy Epiphany to you!