Foodie Tots <3 Farmers Markets (Photo Contest & Giveaway)

All right folks, National Farmers Market Week begins this Sunday, August 2. Here’s your chance to support your local farmers and vendors and get more than just yummy, fresh food in return. foodietots love farmersmarkets

Submit a photo of your tot(s) at the market to the Foodie Tots <3 Farmers Markets Flickr pool during the week (August 2-9) and you’ll have a chance to win a kid-sized reusable market tote filled with foodie goodies. For an extra entry into the drawing, blog about your local farmers market with a link back to this post &/or retweet a link to the “Foodie Tots <3 Farmers Markets” Flickr pool.

Remember it’s hot out there, so head out early and pack your reusable water bottles! (Need more encouragement on why you should explore your local farmers markets with your kids? Read my article on “Healthy Habits Take Root at the Market.”)

(Sharing this at Fight Back Fridays hosted by the Food Renegade; check out this week’s round-up for more resources to find fresh, real food for your family.)

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7 Responses to “Foodie Tots <3 Farmers Markets (Photo Contest & Giveaway)”

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  2. Michelle

    what a coincidence – I posted about taking my cooking camp students to the farmer’s market and it went live this morning:
    Such a great experience for parents to bring their kids and for teachers to bring their students. We all learned so much – about organics, eating local, and about how foods like chocolate are made!

  3. Heather

    I didn’t get a good picture of our kids at the Farmers Market but we were there. :-)

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  7. bop da nam

    Colleen’s inspiring quest to get her family eating sustainably will inevitably make you look at grocery shopping and meal prep in a whole new way. Her Norman Rockwell-esque family photos and kid-friendly food projects like make-your-own popcorn ball Jack-O-Lanterns and quinoa-stuffed zucchini boats are just icing on the organic cake.