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Gone Bananas with DC Cupcakes

February 25th, 2011 · 3 Comments

Do you watch cooking shows with your kids? I’ve managed to get the 4-year-old hooked on “DC Cupcakes,” so much so that his birthday morning we skipped our usual bakery (sorry, Buzz) to surprise him with a trip to the flagship store. Insider’s tip: the cupcakery’s real name is Georgetown Cupcake, but don’t try to tell that to the boy.

dc cupcakes birthday

When I heard they’d be supplying cupcakes for a gorilla birthday party at the National Zoo, I knew we had to go. We met up with one of his best friends and waited patiently for our free cupcakes — or as patiently as two 4-year-olds can, that is. There didn’t seem to be much of a plan (it is a “reality” show, after all), just a bunch of hungry people waiting for free grub. Eventually, a truck pulled up in front of the Great Ape House, trailed by a camera crew and, wait — two women in their signature pink aprons and rain boots!

dc cupcakes gorilla

They proceeded to unload the gorilla cupcake masterpiece and carry it right past us into the party. Needless to say, the boy was thrilled.

We then joined the mad swarm into the Ape House, and got to witness Kwame and Kojo’s surprise party — complete with presents and their own primate-friendly cupcakes. After the gorillas opened their gifts, we made our way to the cupcake table for our own goodies. (If you’re curious, the gorillas’ cupcakes were made of bananas, primate biscuits, unflavored gelatin and water, reports the Zoo. I think we got the better deal.)

gorilla dc cupcakes episode

Later, we came back to the building to take a closer look at the cupcake gorilla. We were surprised to see the show’s stars, Katherine and Sophie, still sitting inside — but the boy was too shy to say hello. (Next time!)

gone bananas cupcakesDC Cupcakes” season two premiere is tonight at 10pm Eastern on TLC — The gorilla episode airs at 10:30. We’re DVRing it for the boy’s cupcake premiere party on Sunday — check back for pictures next week!

And local peeps: head to either location of Georgetown Cupcake to purchase the “Gone Bananas” honey banana cupcake, and proceeds will benefit the National Zoo’s conservation programs. (Now through March 4.) Visit their website for locations and hours.

(Bottom photo courtesy National Zoo, all others (c)

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