Worm Wednesday: Peas! Or, a Pea!

After the disappointing pea harvest last year — when my peas wilted in the summer heat as soon as they began to bear pods — I found a variety described as “heat tolerant” this time around. And it paid off, as we left for a 10-day vacation in the midst of a upper-90s heat wave, and returned to … peas! The boy was so excited to pluck the first pod and asked if he could eat it right away. Of course I said yes, and was rewarded with, “These are THE BEST PEAS I’ve ever eaten!” (A ha! Finally the frozen-peas-only decree has been lifted. At least for a day.)

first pea from the foodietots garden

baby max and ruby counting peas booksOver In the Kitchen with Audrey, little superstar Audrey (leader of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Group of the Week — congrats!) had her own pea epiphany this week.

The foodie bebe is already showing signs of being a pea enthusiast like her brother, but just to be safe we make sure to read this cute book as often as possible: Baby Max and Ruby Counting Peas —>

If you’ve harvested (more than one) pea(s) from your garden, try this chilled asparagus and pea soup with mint.

Your turn! If you’d like to share a photo of your kids in the garden for a future “Worm Wednesday” post, please e-mail it to foodietots@gmail.com, &/or leave a link to a recent gardening post in the comments and show us what your kids are growing!

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7 Responses to “Worm Wednesday: Peas! Or, a Pea!”

  1. Jill

    Sigh. I bought peapods at the farmers market last weekend and N1 refused to eat them. On the other hand, N2 loves frozen peas, so once he has more teeth I hope to turn him onto peapods!

  2. foodietots

    @ Jill — Does he eat edamame? O usually eats snap peas edamame-style, slurping out the insides and discarding the shell.

  3. Jill

    No edamame, though I can’t say I’ve tried it with him. But he did eat some sugar snap peas at dinner last night, so there’s hope! When I told him that O liked them, he was very excited.
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  4. mandy

    well that is a good cheer about the peas.
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  5. melissaweekley@hotmail.com

    how long does it take peas to grow from start to finish.

  6. carlyn

    Did you do anything different other then buying the new strain this year? I have had similar experiences to your in previous years, always losing my “crop” or when they are ready, they are barely edible – which is when I end up going to the freezer to get bad of frozen!
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  7. cheap beats by dr dre

    and on the other side, you have waterrues post-injury, who was a level below everyone else last year.