Life is Short. Make it Sweet.

I had these lofty ideas of my summer break with the kids, that the boy and I would spend leisurely afternoons in the kitchen while the foodie bebe napped. Of course, it turned out that we’ve spent many days rushing from camp to story time to the pool, and I’m lucky to throw together a quick dinner most nights. But today, we made time for a trip to the store (between the dentist and baseball) and the boy and I finally baked something sweet — a peanut butter pie. For fellow blogger Jennifer Perillo and the unexpected reminder that life is often far too short. Read her post (with tissues handy), and bake something with the people you love this weekend.

peanut butter pie for mikey

the foodie tots bake peanut butter pie

(The recipe for peanut butter cream pie can also be found on Jennie’s blog.)

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38 Responses to “Life is Short. Make it Sweet.”

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  2. Britney

    That’s a great idea, we enjoy our life with sweeties moment, Thanks
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  3. Kean

    Whata lovely chocolate cake. That’s one of the best way to bond with oyur kids. Even though it will be kinda messy. haha
    Kean´s last blog post gameMy ComLuv Profile

  4. hannamay

    It’s a lovely bonding, what ever mess will happen..LOL
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  5. Lewis

    This peanut butter pie is calling my name. It looks delicious! I’m not much of a baker but I will definitely would love give this a try.
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  6. zina

    we all love entertainment in our life and that is why i am here to give you some relaxing interesting Hollywood movies . Thank you.

  7. Amy

    That is so great. Not enough people spend time with their kids, or grand kids this way. They are also learning and being exposed to something they might otherwise not be. I think cooking with children is great quality time and you might have a future chef on your hands, that peanut butter pie looks beautiful!

  8. Steve@top 10 lists

    Wow, peanut butter cream pie, I think I’m in heaven.

    Cooking with your kids is definitely something that can be enjoyed anytime. It’s the little things.

  9. C.D.

    Ooh, another foodie blog and a locavore one at that! :) I just discovered you and I think I’m going to have fun checking the blog out. I’ll pass on the peanut butter pie because of allergies, but my 4 year old really wants to make apple pancakes tomorrow.

  10. MaheInfo

    we must enjoy every part of our life and you gave a great explanation about it

  11. razz

    great chocolate cake. i like it. this cake make me thinking a enjoyable test. dont worry be happy, life is short, so enjoy without making any worry.

  12. Mary Jane

    I love peanut butter pie and making it at home would be even better!

  13. Consumer Reviews

    ne of my favorites that I’m always saying is “The glass is half full instead of half empty”. Life is what we make it! God Bless

  14. Dr Ed

    much love to those that get the kids baking and cooking
    i did the same with mine at an early age and they love it
    maybe a little messy, but hey keep them out of mischief for a while eh :)

  15. Disney Jewelry

    I love those wonderful nights when the stars align and you magically have 45 minutes to actually do something nice with the kids instead of running around like a headless chicken. The food looks great too!

  16. Ferrin@Ferrin Enterprises

    What a pretty pie! Too pretty to eat but it looks really yummy. It’s great that you and son can share some great bonding time while doing something so productive :)

  17. Kevin@restaurant scarborough maine

    Whoopie Pies are always fun to make at home as well. We always made those as kids, I’m hoping to do that with my daughter very shortly.

  18. Susan @ Auckland Heat Pumps

    That looks soooo yummy!! Unfortunately I have never been able to bake anything so have to rely on my sister when i get cravings.

  19. Kevin@green tea benefits

    That looks delicous and my kids love to cook and make a mess. It is such a fun and good activity.

  20. David @ Buy Books

    Nice pictures to make the mouth water. Interactions in the kitchen along with eating create lasting memories.

  21. Deanna T.

    What a great reminder that sometimes it’s totally worth getting messy over.

  22. Earl Dickerson

    Wow! I like it! This is really mouth-watering chocolate peanut butter pie! Can you share the recipe with us?

  23. Mike @ Groupon Clone

    There is nothing in the world that does it quite like chocolate and peanut butter! My kids turn into feins when they see the combination!

  24. flow@aquaristik

    thanks for all the good ideas, I’m totally into paenut butter but never eat a peanutbutter pie before!

  25. Orlando Italian Restaurant

    “Life is Short. Make it Sweet.” Wow, is that peanut butter pie smell oozing through my monitor as a glaze aimlessly at this piece of awesomeness, I am amazed.

  26. carlton

    Cooking with your child is one of the best ways to bond with them.The joy and excitement on their faces once the cakes are cooked cannot be traded for anything else under the sun

  27. Lisa@Joggingstrollers

    True life is short, hope its as sweet as it should be. Nice and wonderfull post.

  28. @chocolatecoveredpretzels

    It’s a lovely bonding this way i do it quit often with my grandchildren and before them my children.

  29. TastefullyJulie

    Oh I bet that peanut butter pie tastes as good as it looks! Going to get the recipe now, thank you!

  30. ShortRoadTo

    There is nothing more enjoyable than baking with my kids. I have an 8 year old boy and a 20 year old girl and they absolutely love it. That peanut butter pie looks amazing. Will have to try it on April vacation.

  31. Amit

    Wow, peanut butter cream pie. Love it. These small things make life worth living.

  32. Jey

    I wanna make it sweet right now…….

  33. Timothy Langen

    OOH I love peanut butter! Definitely going to have to try this one! THX :)

  34. Betty Rhodes

    That is true. Our lives are short and every moment should be cherished. Like Jennifer, I too had lost a dear person in my life. Good for you guys that you can channel your emotions into cooking. Thank you for the link to Jennifer’s blog too.

  35. New City Magazine

    What lovely pattern you have on your cake! And I looovvveee peanut butter. We always bake bakes with our children during school holidays.

  36. Fpt

    Love love love this post .

  37. Mike

    Taking care of our families in hectic times is always a challenge. The peanut butter pie sounds wonderful.