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Give All Kids a Shot@Life: Support Global Vaccinations

April 28th, 2017 · No Comments

Measles, rubella, polio — these are diseases we don’t really think about on a daily basis. But elsewhere in the world, a child dies of one of these vaccine-preventable diseases every 20 seconds. Think about that — we have the ability to prevent these diseases, to eradicate them completely, if only we could reach all children around the world. Last year, UNICEF provided vaccines to 45% of the world’s children, saving between 2 and 3 million lives. Each year, global vaccine programs reach more children through new and cost-saving technologies; we have the potential to save an additional 1.5 million children each year if UN member nations fully fund global vaccine programs.

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Why do I care so much about this? Those girls remind me of my daughter and her first grade Girl Scout troop. I believe we have a duty to give all girls (and boys) around the world the same chance and opportunity to live happy, healthy lives that our girls have here.

Unfortunately, the US president has proposed a budget that would drastically cut all global aid, including these critical vaccine programs. While global health is just a tiny portion of the US foreign aid budget — less than 1.5% — pulling back on our contribution will cause irreparable harm. Measles, rubella and polio do not fear borders or walls; if they are not rooted out in the countries where they remain, they can and will make a return to the US. We cannot afford to let any child go unprotected against disease, disability and death.

Champions Summit on Capitol Hill |

Earlier this year I was able to attend the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life Champions Summit to meet with Virginia’s legislators and urge them to reject any budget cuts that would harm the world’s most vulnerable citizens. Please join me and contact your members of Congress — TODAY — to ask the same. It’s World Vaccination Week, and together our voices can make a difference!

Congressional visits |

Will you stand with us? Sign the Petition:

    • Call your Members of Congress at 202-224-3121 and ask them to fully fund global vaccine programs.

Want to do more? Join me as a Shot@Life Champion to learn about other ways to support global vaccines:


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