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Eat Local, Tweet Global

Friday, May 1st, 2009

twitter birdThis is opening weekend at many local farmers markets — including Arlington’s Columbia Pike, Alexandria’s West End, Fairfax County markets and 14th & U in the District — and what better way to prepare than to point you to some online sources of locavore info and fellow local food enthusiasts. If you don’t have a Twitter account, what are you waiting for? Seriously though, if you don’t have an account you can still follow interesting Twitter users by clicking that orange RSS button at the right side of their page; this will subscribe you to their updates in your feed reader, just like you follow your favorite blogs. Over on Twitter, each week users share some of their favorite friends (“tweeps”) in an event called “Follow Friday.” Here’s my farmers market/local foods edition. This is far from an extensive list, so please feel free to identify yourself or add your favorites in the comments.

Farmers Markets & Local Food Resources on Twitter

Chesapeake Bay foodshed

Around the US

National Resources

District-area foodies who occasionally tweet from the markets:

Elsewhere on the web, Alexandria’s West End market has a new blog on Culinate. DC’s FreshFarm markets does not (yet?) have a blog but has an extensive database of their market vendors. The Washington Post food section’s newly-launched blog has a category titled “To Market, To Market,” so I hope that’s a sign they’re planning some farmers market coverage. (And WaPo food editor Joe Yonan is on twitter, too, @joeyonan.)

While we’re on the subject, I’m sure you’re already subscribed to the FoodieTots feed, but please note that you can now receive automatic email updates whenever we post something new. And if Twitter’s not your thing, you can also follow us on Facebook. Whatever method you choose, please touch base on Monday and let me know what you found at your local markets this weekend. Happy eating, locally!

FarmFreshDC, August – Peaches, Tomatoes & Corn

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

The August round-up is a little later than I had intended, but you have another week or two to try out some of these peach, corn and tomato ideas so be sure to visit your favorite farmers markets this weekend! It looks like rain is in the forecast for Saturday, which is great for reducing the crowds and means your produce is pre-washed and ready to enjoy …

PEACHES: Peaches have been fantastic this season. I’ve now sampled varieties from all three local states (Harris/D&S, Md.; Papa’s/Toigo/Reid’s, Pa., and some Northern Neck, Va., ones) and I have to say Harris’ supersweets were, in fact, the sweetest. Reid’s donut peaches are a close second. Anyone else have a different favorite?

  • Sylvie @ Rappahannock Cook and Kitchen Gardener lives in the midst of the farms providing our market bounty, and shares a Mediterranean inspired Peach Salsa seasoned with coriander and cumin.
  • Ribs with Peach BBQ Sauce from Tiffany of The Garden Apartment also featured local Babes in the Wood pork.
  • I’m a big fan of basil-infused cocktails, and this Peach-Opal Basil Lemonade from Capital Spice is sure to hit the spot … featuring self-picked Stribling peaches to boot!
  • I have another peach recipe to post soon, but am still savoring the Peach Berry Sherbet in our freezer.

TOMATOES: Our CSA has had a less than perfect tomato season this year, with our wacky cold weather, but they are coming in strong now. Heirloom varieties are hitting their peak, and Mt. Olympus Berry Farm had some of my favorite, deep red heirloom cherry tomatoes last Friday at the McLean market.

CORN: Someone commented on my Flickr photo (above) that they’d never seen sour corn advertised, but after sampling some west coast corn, I can say that’s one thing that truly is sweeter here in the mid-Atlantic.

LAST CALL FOR PEACHES: I got to the Upper King St. market too late Wednesday to snag some of D&S’s peaches. Bigg Riggs’ are gone for the season, but D&S’s Dan said he’ll be bringing some for one, maybe two more weeks. Supplies are definitely dwindling so get to your market early for the best chances of acquiring them. Dan also reports that Jonathan apples will be in soon, though we enjoyed the small, sweet galas this week.

September Round-Up: Stay tuned for details, but I’m thinking of hosting an apple recipe challenge for the September installment of FarmFreshDC.